With the proper planning office moving, doesn’t have to result in added stress or downtime. Use our office moving checklist to stream line and reduce the hassles of moving day.

Six Months Before Moving

  • Establish a group of key staff members to organize and assist with the move.
  • Orchestrate meetings with a space planner and interior designer.
  • Discuss design of telecommunication systems and budgetary figures.
  • Request preliminary cost estimates for the office move.
  • Determine layout of computer facilities.

Three Months Before Moving

  • Meet with in-house move committee.
  • Select telephone systems.
  • Develop computer plans.

Two Months Before Moving

  • Request phone system order.
  • Manage stationery, address changes, copier service, vending machines, etc.
  • Select a moving company.

One Month Before Moving

  • Notify all suppliers and customers of new address.
  • Schedule equipment services.
  • Verify computer system progress

Two Weeks Before Moving

  • Finalize phone and computer installation.
  • Confirm furniture and floor plans with movers.
  • Order new building and office keys.

One Week Before Moving

  • Label all furniture.
  • Finalize floor plans.

One Day Before Moving

  • Finish packing and labeling.
  • Prepare equipment for move.
  • Manage staff walk through process.
  • Post and label floor plans.

Moving Day

  • Install computer systems.
  • Adjust furniture.
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